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DUKE 100% Natural Energy Drinks

We have identified a opportunity in the Energy category with emerging trends for Innovative products using Natural ingredients. Its in that thought that inspired our year long quest to create a range of healthy alternatives to the current market offerings. Using only 100% Natural ingredients we set out to harness, enjoy and celebrate nature's pure energy.  DUKE Energy Drinks - 100% Natural

Consumers are looking for natural energy, as opposed to synthetic solutions - Why produce synthetic products that cause artificial stimulation when we can source powerful energizing, highest quality ingredients from Nature. Duke Energy gives you the boost you need to get through the busy day with
natural energy!

DUKE ENERGY excites you with its unique range of premium energy drinks, each with its distinctive fruity taste notes leaving you hydrated, energized and full of life. Using only 100% Natural ingredients we set out to harness, enjoy and celebrate nature's pure energy.
* 100% Natural

* Natural Caffeine

* NO Taurine

* NO Inositol

* Free from Artificial Colors and Preservatives

* Available in 5 flavors and also Sugar Free


Contact us at: duke@3kBrothers.com for more information


          Duke - 100% Natural Energy Drink      



USA Office: San Diego, California

Europe Office: Utrecht Area, Netherlands

USA Telephone: +1-619-664-8659 (Se habla Espanol)

Email: info@3kbrothers.com




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