3K Brothers - Private Label and Custom Formula Alcoholic Beverages, Beers, Energy Drinks

 Exclusive Manufacturers and Exporters of Rembrandt Liquors and Beers, SANCOOLIO Sangria, DUKE Natural Energy Drink and AMSTERDAM INSOMNIA Cannabis Energy Drink

An Independent Distiller and Brewer - Holland




For over 100 years we have successfully manufactured and exported from Western Europe REMBRANDT LIQUORS and BEERS, and also Private Label and Custom Formula liquors and beers to clients in over 70 countries. The distillery started as a small family business but rapidly increased their activities in the liquor trade to become one of the leading and important producers and exporters of Dutch Genevers, Liqueurs and the famous Dutch Advocaat.


Our Brewery is producing in a conglomerate Group of Breweries concentrated in the Netherlands, Belgium and Romania with a large brew capacity. In the modern bottling and canning facilities they can handle almost all sizes of bottles, cans and packaging. 


We have also produced Private Label and Custom Formula Spirits, Beers, and Energy Drinks for several retailers and wholesalers worldwide. We can produce all type of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers and spirits such as rum, vodka, brandy, whiskey, sake, and also energy drinks with our without alcohol under your own private label name.



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USA Office: San Diego, California

Europe Office: Utrecht Area, Netherlands

USA Telephone: +1-619-664-8659 (Se habla Espanol)

Email: info@3kbrothers.com